Thursday, November 19, 2009

School Thanksgiving Feast and other updates

Today was the kiddos Thanksgiving feast at school. For some reason some strange force pulled me to leave the house early and get Buggy to school for lunch early. Boy do I thank the God's that that invisible forced told me to move it. Buggy and I waited in line for about 20 minutes to get Turkey and dressing and then when girly arrived lunch was running 40 minutes behind. They only get 30 minutes for lunch every day. It was crazy. I am thankful (so fitting) that so many parents arrived to dine with their children this year. I think the school had the biggest turnout ever. Part of me wonders if it is a sign of the times. With the economy slowing down so much it seems people are getting back to the heart of family. Maybe I am seeing more into than there really is, but a girl can hope right?

On a side note me almost teen (GASP) is getting a new percussion partner today in band. I cannot wait for him to get home and tell me how he likes his new partner and I am really hoping that together they will be the dynamic duo and help propel the percussion section to greater heights. Teen has been really pushing his older section mates this year and has sat first chair almost every week since the year started. He is challenging them but this new partner might actually help to challenge him some. I hope she doesn't steal any of his snare parts because that will make him sad since he loves the snare.

The kids missed out on reading two days this week because of a new "listen the first time" rule that I have put in place. We are going through our week of trial putting this new rule in place and the punishment has been going to bed early. They have been extremely disappointed that they are losing precious reading time... can you believe it! I am winning the war with the TV and computer! It feels so great that they would rather lay in bed listening to me read than watch TV!

ok so that is where we are at. Not all that interesting but I am not feeling very interesting this week anyhow.

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