Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What we are reading...

They never get to old to enjoy a book read by momma. My oldest is 12 and he is always the last to fall asleep every night, begging me to read just one more page.
Currently we are reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 1, The Lightning Thief.

The Lightning Thief

It's a great book and has kept my kids jumping into bed with me every night right after the dinner dishes are all cleaned up and everyone has washed their faces and brushed their teeth. I hate cooking dinner and they hate brushing their teeth so at least we all have something to look forward to after we get our "chores" done. It's been a great distraction from the computer and the TV which we all know is a huge thing to compete with these days... and the best thing is there are 5 books in the series. I am thrilled there will be at least several months of book reading ahead for my kiddos!
Check out all the Percy Jackson Books.


  1. Bug and Goob just finished reading this book and loved it.
    Are you going to do better at this blog than the Mob...cause ya know you kinda were a slacker. Just sayin...

  2. We are on Book 4, the Titan's Curse, right now. It is a great series!

  3. Never heard of this book. We might have to check it out. Oh and I agree with Sherry about the slacker comment! lol

  4. This is awesome Andrea! Thanks for letting me be a witness to you and your family!

  5. Did you k ow that Rick Riordan was from San Antonio? I've been wanting to start reading these to my kids. I have to get through the other series we have first.

  6. lol, I hope to be better, but we all know kids and family come first. I like facebook for family stuff. You probably won't be getting any pictures of the kids on this blog. ;)


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