Monday, November 16, 2009

My Monday Giveaway

I wanted to enter a linky giveaway site and so what can I give away... well what I do best... it's not sew... it's not cook, it's not recipes, and I am certainly not a blog popular enough to be giving away something some company is providing me sooo it's Web Design.
So my giveaway is a Banner Image for your blog (I did design my own blog).
(and since most of you don't know me, I am a WAHM web designer and I work specifically supporting other WAHM's and small business)

Enter by leaving a link to your blog and your email addy in the comments area.
If you don't have a blog yet just leave your email addy.


  1. Me Me, You know I love your work A.

  2. Oh, fun! Since I don't really need anything for my already fabulous blog (cause it was already visited by the design guru) ;)...can I enter for someone else? If I win, I have a few folks that would love to have a WWD banner!

  3. OK girls... since there are only two of you. I am giving it to both of you!

    Sherry you are welcome to give it away as a gift to whomever you please and well my dear IO friend... your blog is beautiful!


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