Friday, November 13, 2009

Never a dull moment... bus safety

My eldest, well he provides me with hours of entertainment and not always the kind a mom can appreciate. It all started last Friday... darn kid got in trouble for rescuing a friends phone from sure destruction. But he forgot to return it to school in a timely manner and they wanted to give him D-hall for it. Well it didn't make any sense to me so I had to have a 'talk' with the people running the place. Once they finally understood that as his parents that Scott and I are ultimately the ones responsible for his grades, behavior and ability (or inability) to emerge from this time in life called childhood as a responsible adult they agreed that d-hall was not the best course of action.
So after going to bat for my son earlier this week, he proceeds to embarrass me by "being disrespectful" to a guest speaker that was visiting his 8th period class. Now oldest swears he was only talking and that everyone was doing it. HA like THAT is an excuse that is going to fly... if Joe Blow jumped off the Empire State Building...
Well, oldest jumped so now he is dead. 2 days of in-school suspension! Oh and did I mention that he had also earned himself 2 days of lunch d-hall for sharing his school ID with his best friend who conveniently forgot his? Now he has to serve that next week because of the ISS.
So today on this last day of the week... Friday the 13th, you would hope that I could be lucky and the day would go by without a hitch, well no of course not. He has served his last day of ISS today and on the bus ride home from school he was sitting on his bag. The bus driver actually pulls the bus over and comes to check him out wondering why he suddenly seemed a foot taller than he was the day before. Of course it is possible that he hit his preteen growth spurt but not very probable.
She asked him if he knew what could happen if she had to slam on the breaks... his reply...wait for it...

His reply was...


Are you kidding me? After everything else this week I couldn't help but laugh and I am very very thankful that he told me about this himself instead of someone else calling my home to tell me of his misdeeds. And as I type this out he is stroking my hair asking me if I am ok...
I guess we'll see how OK I am when he is 18.


  1. You need Calgon, a tub full of hot water, no one else in the house, and a bottle of vino!

  2. I never did drink any wine that day. I need to head to costco and get another bottle of that Pinot Nior that I really like.


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