Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Terrible News and Something fun...

So lets go with the terrible news first. This weekend our beloved 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 was broken into. This is the first vehicle Scott and I bought brand new. We paid it off early and have loved on this truck since day one. I took it through the car wash last n=month and broke off the antenna and although it cost $150 to replace I love the truck so much I paid the price and replaced it.
Anyhow, the jerk who broke into had no clue what he was doing because he demolished our truck and got NOTHING out of it. He got away with nothing. As you can see from the pictures he tore up the door and the window on the passenger door as well.
Once inside he proceeded to tear off the dash panel in the process cracking our dash board completely. Because of this we have been very very concerned that they might actually total the wehicle. The good news... They called today and didn't total it, they are going to repair it! YAY! Bad news, it's still a $500 deducible for us. See it does pay to have full coverage on even your older vehicles!

The something fun. I found this recipe for Growing Donuts... I think I will do this with the kids. Enjoy!

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