Thursday, March 25, 2010

His First School Dance

Well it's happened, he is going to his first school dance. I don't think he originally intended to go so I prodded him in the right direction, I mean these things are designed for a reason. Aside from the surface benefit of him being able to socialize in a safe environment without me hovering (as I can tend to do) he is benefiting from some valuable social lessons. Because I hover so much though I know a little more than most teens would want to share, thankfully he doesn't mind (I do tell him though when he gets married SHE comes first;) so I AM trying not to raise a momma's boy)
Well he came home to announce today that he has a date for the dance... I am not sure whether to be excited or scared but I put on my excited face and ask who and how it happened. He didn't exactly ask in a traditional manner and she didn't exactly accept in a traditional matter so at this point it appears they are going as friends which is PERFECT for me (it really shouldn't be about me, but hey I am his mom so I can make it so, at least on the blog right?) He went to his group of gal pals and said he needed a date for the dance and she stepped forward to volunteer. To be perfectly honest I think she has had her pupil focused on him for a while and I told him so a few weeks ago, I think he believes I know EVERYTHING now HA!
The funny teenager is growing up and very nicely I might add.

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