Thursday, March 4, 2010

Voting and Politics

OK so I love to argue politics with friends who love to argue politics and don't take it personally. And let me tell you it is very hard to find those kind of friends so I have learned not to talk to just anyone about it. On Tuesday we had our state Primaries. I went and voted and learned that voting in the primaries is where some political careers start. I was asked to attend the Precinct Level Convention that is held right after the polls close and the last voter has cast his/her vote.
At this convention all qualifies persons who attend can participate in electing a Permanent Chair person and Secretary, propose and adopt resolutions to be forwarded to the next convention level and then finally elect delegates and alternate delegates to attend the next level convention. Now, this whole adoption of resolutions thing... wow this part just blows me away, THIS is where we have a real voice in what is going to happen in our government. This is how we tell our nominated candidate what it is that we want from him or her.
When I arrived home from the convention I was pleased to announce to my husband that I was elected Secretary and that I was also elected as an alternate delegate. Funny thing was he was not surprised, seems I am always going to some meeting somewhere (PTA, COP, Neighborhood Association, ETC) and becoming involved some way. It irks him to no end but he loves me non-the-less. You do have to volunteer for these parts and when there are only two people attending for your convention at Precinct Level it isn't hard to be elected. I did learn so much about how this process works and I am excited to be going on to the next level. There are 4 levels, Precinct, County or Senatorial, State and National. These conventions are help every two years and National Level is help when there is a National Level Election (presidential). I highly encourage everyone to attend their County/Senatorial Level convention to see how the process works. Even though you are not eligible to vote, it is a valuable learning experience.

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