Thursday, March 25, 2010

My First Free Blogger Template

Ok so who is interested in a free template made by me? I have no clue why I am sitting here doing this when I have paying clients who I could be working for right now. I think it's just that sometimes I need to do something just for me to refresh my creative juices... ok well that is the excuse I am going to use for now :)
Anyhow check it out! Click on the image above to see it in action and get the code work.



  1. It's cool! And you know I am the same way...sometimes I just gotta step back from the biz and do something that "I" want to do. Nothing wrong with that!

  2. I like it. All it needs is a couple of snipers behind the trees for me to use it as a gun blog!LOL.

  3. Super cute!!! I'm using now :)I desperately needed a change!


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