Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The teenager thinks he is funny

Well the truth is ... he is funny. But not when I need him to be. He is always trying to deflect when I am yelling at him. The other day he even answered the phone a proceeded to tell the caller that I couldn't hear the phone ringing because I was yelling at him to loudly. Thank goodness the caller knew him well enough to appreciate his sense of humor. He might have a career in stand-up comedy if he survives to adulthood. I just really really want to pinch his little head off when I am trying to be serious and a little spit rolls off my tongue into his eye and he pretends like it is acid making him melt. Last week at counseling (yes I have him in counseling) we left and the goal I am supposed to reach for is not falling into his humor trap... I am not mentally prepared for this, he's too good and I am weak! There is no winning this war with him. I just want to curl up into a ball and laugh so hard I cry...


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