Friday, February 12, 2010

Sew Pink

It's not often that I get my sewing machine out anymore and that is because I am so busy designing websites all the time. Another reason I can't post on here much either, but a few weeks ago I was browsing through a really cool craft tutorial website (which I cannot find the link to again and I am sad) and found some things that I really had to try.
The website features really great tutorials from around the net. It led me to the vlijtig blog and this tutorial. I had to make a few changes to adjust for my sewing abilities and well becuase I didn't want to sew more than I had to:) I am a lazy seamstress.
Here are the beautiful baskets I made out of some fabric I have been saving for sweatpea for several years now. I love how they turned out and so does she.

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